Ping Pong 4U
Adapted Ping Pong Activities for physical and mental exercise, stimulation and fun.

For frontline professionalsFor community volunteersFor Ping pong enthusiastsFor those just wanting to find out more

We look forward to working with you and showing you the subtleties in all of the Adapted Ping Pong Activities. The impact that we are having in terms of breaking down social isolation, gentle exercise and personal well being, is on occasions, quite stunning.

We are adapting the games to make it possible for blind people to play; quadriplegics and autistic people are also playing with real enthusiasm. As part of the training package we will be holding regular forums throughout the year to share good practice and ideas to develop our work more effectively. Part of our philosophy is to look beyond the difficulties that some people have… rather than seeing what an individual cannot do we need to carefully assess what they CAN do. It is also our role to help others we work with to seek ways to engage someone, who at first sight, seems too old or too restricted in their movements. It’s about dignity of life and making each individual feel special regardless of any issues that they may have.

You can play a massive part in bringing Adapted Ping Pong Activities (APPA) to the people that you work with. Together we can bring high quality experiences to communities (of all kinds) through the modified form of the great game of table tennis. It will be a pleasure to work alongside you to give you the confidence to be able to facilitate and deliver fun and engaging APPA sessions. In turn you will be delighted by the way that people enjoy themselves.

We want to invite you to be part of a movement that gradually grows and spreads throughout our communities providing fun and stimulation and helps individuals overcome the various issues that they are faced with each day.

I am from a table tennis family. My mother, Kathleen Best, played for England winning 5 medals at the World Championships. My father, Alan Thompson, was her coach. My parents would probably be classed as real traditionalists. They never adapted the greatest game in the world at all!

However, they would be absolutely delighted to see how the adapted games that we are offering are giving a new lease of life to a wide range of people, some of whom played years ago in youth clubs and others who have never played before!

We would be delighted if you would like to get involved and bring your passion for table tennis to our adapted activities (APPA).

You might be wondering “What is all this about? Whatever happened to just plain old table tennis?” Well the truth is that many people find that game very very difficult: a tiny ball, zooming around a table 3 feet off the ground and to make matters worse you have to hit the ball over a net.

We want to work with you to reach out to more and more people who cannot play “the real thing” and provide them with fun, laughter, exercise and improve their personal well being. If you want to learn more about what we are doing or want to get involved with a group near you we would be delighted to hear from you.

What do we do?

What we do

We provide expert training
We deliver APPA to a wide range of people
We provide bespoke high quality resources

Who is this for?

Who is it for

Anyone and Everyone!
From toddlers to 90+ year olds
From stroke sufferers to people who are 100% blind
From people on the Autistic Spectrum to those with Dementia