About us

Ping Pong 4 U has been created to enable a wide range of people of all ages and of all abilities to enjoy the greatest game on Earth!

As Ping Pong 4 U has worked with more and more groups, we have seen some amazing things…

Sometimes we witness really moving scenes of joy…
When a blind person can play a rally, witnessed by her daughter…
When a quadriplegic sweats in the process of knocking over plastic cups….and the room cheers.
Ping Pong 4U wants to work with you to create more and more of these magical moments!

We want YOU to join our movement to bring more fun and stimulation to those who you care for!

Together we can make a real difference!

We can make people feel really special, we can genuinely include them!

We have devised and adapted a number of table tennis related games: Adapted Ping Pong Activities (APPA) which are hugely popular. The APPA games are fun, engaging, simple to set up and can be played on any surface. Some of the activities can also be played without a table.

“I am full of admiration for Peter’s gift in creating fun and joy in people’s lives playing improvised table tennis. He is a dedicated person who unselfishly spends time giving people less fortunate a positive attitude and purpose in life.

His mother Kathy Best was a leading English international and his father Alan Thompson was one of England’s leading coaches to his wife and Brian Kennedy (both Leeds born) and to Alan Hydes.

Peter is clearly following in his father’s footsteps by showing a special gift of bringing out the very best in people he tutors.”

Alan Hydes England International and winner of 4 Commonwealth Gold Medals

Ping Pong 4U can bring endless fun to:

  • People with Learning Difficulties
  • Older people
  • Toddlers
  • Students at Special schools and Colleges
  • People with Dementia
  • People with Mental Health Issues
  • People on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Quadriplegics
  • People in wheelchairs (amputees, stroke sufferers, people with cerebral palsy etc.)
  • Visually impaired
  • Refugee families
  • Homeless shelters
  • Hospice day centres

Ping Pong 4U can provide:

  • High quality, enthusiastic delivery
  • Bespoke training, including an APPA handbook, for staff, volunteers, carers
  • High quality, carefully picked resources to meet your individual needs


What evidence do you have that APPA is having a positive impact?
  • People on the Autistic Spectrum love the challenge of bouncing balls into coloured cups
  • A 93 year old lady in a wheelchair is playing “rolling rallies” every week
  • Quadraplegic man is rolling balls down a ramp and knocking cups over
  • Socially isolated men and women are having fun and chatting to each other
  • Overweight, inactive people are exercising
  • Asthma sufferers are saying that regularly taking part in APPA is assisting their breathing
  • Pre-School children are developing early throwing and striking skills

….the list is endless!

How can I attend the APPA Training?
Simply ring or email ( 07434 530134 peter@pingpong4u.co.uk ) to find out when the next half day course is going to take place at a venue near you
How many delegates attend the APPA training per session?
  • We aim to limit the number of delegates to 8 in order to maximise the opportunities to learn.
  • We also recommend that 2 delegates come from each organisation, so that you can bounce ideas off each other (excuse the pun!)
How can I purchase the special resources?
  • Simply ring or email ( 07434 530134 peter@pingpong4u.co.uk )
  • Delegates who take part in the training day/s are required to purchase one of the bespoke APPA bags:
    • Standard Bespoke pack (suitable for up to 6 players) £195
    • Mini Bespoke pack (suitable for up to 4 players) £150
    • Micro Bespoke pack (suitable for up to 2 players) £100
  • Is there any post course assistance if I need any help?
    • Follow up session 1 “working alongside” at delegates’ venue to incorporate assessment
    • Validation to use Adapted Ping Pong Activities for 1 year
    • Assessment
    • Certification
    • Follow up session 2 (if needed)
    • Free on call advice
    • Free attendance at quarterly forums – to share Best practice, experiences and new/ modified approaches

    BREAKING NEWS – PingPong4u is delighted to announce that Leeds Community Foundation have awarded a grant to develop our work in deprived communities in the Leeds area from January to May 2020….Really exciting! Many thanks LCF – Many people will benefit. Terrific.

    LCF Awards a grant over the winter months for Pingpong4u to work with the elderly in groups across the city of Leeds, many thanks.