“I am full of admiration for Peter’s gift in creating fun and joy in people’s lives playing improvised table tennis. He is a dedicated person who unselfishly spends time giving people less fortunate a positive attitude and purpose in life.

His mother Kathy Best was a leading English international and his father Alan Thompson was one of England’s leading coaches to his wife and Brian Kennedy (both Leeds born) and to Alan Hydes.

Peter is clearly following in his father’s footsteps by showing a special gift of bringing out the very best in people he tutors.”

Alan Hydes England International and winner of 4 Commonwealth Gold Medals

“Great way to work up a sweat”

Attendee at a session at Rothwell Leisure Centre with Leeds Rhinos.

“Keeps residents occupied, helps with their memory as well as interacting. It’s a social activity that most enjoy.”

Krzystof, Local Care Home Manager.

“Something I could take the grandkids to do.”

Attendee at a Leeds Rhinos session at Fearnville Leisure Centre.

Participants would recommend table tennis as an activity for various reasons including: exercise, socialising and mental health benefits.

“Gets people to join in, engage with everybody and is something anybody can do.”

Sheena, St. Vincent’s (York Road).

“Got me out of breath and I was able to work on my co-ordination.”

Attendee at a session with Leeds Rhinos at Fearnville L.C.

“Gives a chance to interact with others. Adds concentration, self-control and can make situations more comfortable.”

Dermot, who works in the café at St. Vincent’s.

“It keeps you on the move”

Berkeley Court resident.

“We have a laugh! It provides stimulation to the brain and some mental stability.”

Berkeley Court resident.

“It’s a great way to meet people. Nobody is left out and everybody should try it.”

Attendee at a session in Beeston.

“It’s brilliant! Everyone’s involved, everyone’s enjoying it and it’s a great way to keep fit”

Participant in the middle of a session with Leeds Rhinos at Rothwell Leisure Centre.

“A great way to help adapt to using my other hand since losing use of my writing hand.”

Attendee at Rothwell L.C.  Leeds Rhinos session.

“In the 13 years I have been an activity coordinator I have not seen so many residents so eager to “have a go.”

Pauline, Activities Coordinator, Burley Hall

“One of the best activities we’ve done. People participate who usually don’t.”


“The sport’s one on one nature allows shy people to come out.”

Linda, group co-ordinator at the United Reformed Church.

“Marvellous. Great fun!”

Pensioner who came along to a session in Belle Isle.

“I love it. It gives you a real lift and is a very good workout.”.

Local pensioner who went to a session with Leeds Rhinos near Horsforth

“We have a laugh but I enjoy learning about the technical aspects as well.”

Participant at a Leeds Rhinos event at OPAL.

“It’s a physical and mental activity which I thoroughly enjoy.”

Attendee at a Leeds Rhinos session at OPAL.

“Keeps you moving and the company is good.”

OPAL attendee