The course

Adapted Ping Pong Activities – The Training Package

3 hour course (and follow up support) sharing with delegates how to deliver a full range of fun, engaging, interactive table tennis related games that have already proved very popular and are having a huge impact with a very wide spectrum of people.

For staff, volunteers and carers working with: the elderly, those with learning difficulties, those with physical restrictions…and many more

  • Detailed Handbook illustrating all the APPA games
  • All course notes, handouts
  • Assessment: observing and working alongside delegates’ at a “normal” venue to incorporate all the APPA games that we have gone through. Assessment and validation to use Adapted Ping Pong Activities for 1 year. Assessment. 
  • Free on call advice

Delegates who take part in the training day/s are required to purchase one of the bespoke APPA bags

“Gets people to join in, engage with everybody and is something anybody can do.”

Sheena St. Vincent’s

Upcoming Course Dates

Bookings now being taken for Live webinars now available via ZOOM.